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At Vinyl Expressions, quality assurance is an integral component of every product. From concept of each client's visual needs, to manufacturing, to shipping and installation, we take all necessary steps to ensure that you, our customer, receive a quality product.

We value our customers through a commitment to quality and reliability and the same goes for the material we use. Most of the raw materials we use to make our high quality graphic designs are supplied by three manufactures: ORACAL, 3M or Avery Graphics. We selected these manufactures due to their high quality products and recommendations from other in the professional sign industry. Please rest assure that we will only use the correct material for the right job and will NEVER use a Economy Grade Vinyl as a substitute to save a dollar. We have other sources we will use if a customer has a specific vinyl requirement that our preferred vendors do not carry but rest assure quality is still very important to us.


Markets a family of high quality, pressure-sensitive films for graphics, signage, digital imaging, and screen printing applications. We use premium and intermediate graphic marking films for sign, screen print and digital imaging applications.

We use the following series from Oracal for our graphic designs:

651 Vinyl Film - A 2.5 mil, intermediate calendered, PVC film, permanent adhesive. Thanks to its proprietary formulation and construction it has become the industry standard for high performance calendered films. Only 2.5 mils thick offers sseven year outdoor durability, flexibility and a choice of 59 high-gloss colors and transparent.  

751 Vinyl Film - A 2 mil, high performance, cast film, permanent adhesive. A 8-year cast film offers impressive minimal shrinkage for durable, dimensionally stable applications such as architectural signage, vehicle and fleet graphics. It applies well to irregular surfaces, including corrugations and rivets. 78 high gloss colors and transparent.

951 Vinyl Film - A 2 mil, cast, PVC film with permanent adhesive. Their highest performing, premium cast vinyl film has been specially designed to produce permanent graphics for use in nearly any commercial or industrial situation, including highly conformable vehicle graphics. Minimal shrinkage for permanent, durable, dimensionally stable graphics that can withstand severe weather and handling conditions. Available in 97 ultra-glossy colors.

Avery Graphics™

As the company that invented pressure-sensitive materials, Avery Graphics™ understands your business. They know that over or under-specifying materials can cost you your reputation, time, money, and future business.

That's why they have organized Avery Graphics™ high-performance and intermediate product lines around one of your most important questions: "How long does this graphic need to last?"

We use the following series from Avery for our graphic designs:

Avery Graphics™ A6 - A6 Opaque series vinyl intermediate films are available in 72 colors. This is a 6 year intermediate film and is an industry benchmark in intermediate signage,

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