• Make sure to please select your decal options above in the drop down menus.
  • If you require the sticker to be applied on the inside of the window or just want it the opposite direction, select 'Yes' in the 'Reversed' option.
  • The black image is the actual decal that you will receive and the grid/checkered area represents the surface area that you'll be applying the decal too.
  • You can use the grid/checkered area on the decal image to judge the height to width ratio. If you need a decal with exact measurement, please contact us.
  • Precision DIECUT on color vinyl film with clear or paper transfer tape for optimum application. There is no background at all and you will be able to clearly see through the design.
  • Decals can be applied to any smooth clean surface.
  • Easy step by step installation instructions are included and are also available online for your convenience.
  • We only use vinyl materials which have a 6-7 year outdoor life rating. Other options are available upon request and may have additional costs.
  • If you don't see the options you are looking for please contact us.

At Vinyl Expressions, quality assurance is an integral component of every product. From concept of each client's visual needs, to manufacturing, to shipping and installation, we take all necessary steps to ensure that you, our customer, receive a quality product.

We value our customers through a commitment to quality and reliability and the same goes for the material we use. Most of the raw materials we use to make our high quality graphic designs are supplied by three manufactures: ORACAL, 3M or Avery Graphics. We selected these manufactures due to their high quality products and recommendations from other in the professional sign industry. Please rest assure that we will only use the correct material for the right job and will never use a Economy Grade Vinyl as a substitute to save a dollar. We have other sources we will use if a customer has a specific vinyl requirement that our preferred vendors do not carry but rest assure quality is still very important to us.

The colors shown here may very slight from the actual colors of the vinyl (due to discrepancies in browsers, resolution, video cards, monitors, etc). We can get just about any color you want such as reflective, metallic, fluorescent, chrome, etched glass, carbon fiber, holographic, shade-shifters and paint masks just to name a few. Please email us for prices and availability on these special colors or materials.

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